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Vehicle Valuations

Fleet Audits provide a fully independent vehicle valuation service for fleets anywhere in the UK.  We will send a vehicle inspector to your site to carry out a condition assessment of the vehicle.

The information from the vehicle inspection is then sent to our Petersfield offices where our appraisal team will value the vehicle based on make, model, trim level, mileage, age and the condition report supplied by the vehicle inspector.

This service provides independent vehicle valuations for employees wishing to purchase their company car after its term on the fleet, or for confirming a vehicles condition prior to return to a leasing company, to assess if dilapidation costs will be incurred.

We also provide a mediation service between leasing companies and fleet operators where disputes occur over the condition of a vehicle and associated dilapidation charges.

This service is provided with one phone call to our offices.  Let us remove the hassle out of vehicle valuations and condition reports.

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