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Whole Life Cost Data Services

The most effective way of running a fleet allocation system is via a bespoke Whole Life Cost (WLC) vehicle evaluation method.  This methodology uses the fleet operator's actual cost build up, including actual acquisition cost (derived from manufacturers' agreed discounts), insurance costs, and finance costs.

The FACTs database adds to this residual value predictions, Service/ Maintenance/  Repair (SMR) costs, fuel costs based on the companies annual business mileage profiles, and Class 1A NIC costs.  The resultant monthly (or annual) operating costs are a robust prediction of the expected cost of individual vehicles over their fleet life (defined in age and mileage terms i.e. 36 month 60k miles).

The FACTs database allows these calculations to be made for every car and light commercial vehicle available from new in the UK, providing you with a comprehensive tailor made vehicle allocation list.  The allocation list can be further refined by limiting the number of manufacturers on the list, excluding undesirable vehicle types, as well as installing exception routines to remove vehicles over certain CO2 emission thresholds or insurance group levels.

The fully costed and controlled allocation lists can be incorporated into flexible benefits schemes enabling employee to add funds to "buy up" to higher value vehicles, or equally "buy down" to smaller more efficient cars, with the listing providing the basis for any cash adjustment required.




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