Bespoke Training Courses

At Fleet Audits, we can use our extensive knowledge of the fleet and motor industry to provide valuable training sessions for fleet industry supply-side companies to assist in developing and marketing their products and services to the fleet operator community, by demonstrating "how fleets work in real life!".  We have provided this service for a number of vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies' corporate sales teams.

In addition we can provide bespoke training courses for large fleet departments, on their own premises, rotating the employees by subject modules to ensure that all employees receive training in their job function areas whilst maintaining adequate staffing resources to minimise disruption of the fleet operation during the period of the course.

We would be happy to discuss any training requirement you may have, although  it is normally necessary to have at least 8 potential delegates for a bespoke course for financial viability.

A copy of the current full syllabus can be accessed through the menu bar on the left hand side. Alternatively, please contact our training team at or telephone +44 (0)1730 266666.



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