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Environmental Fleet Management Courses

Fleet Audits provide bespoke environmental fleet management courses for fleets operating vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.  These courses have been provided to organisations promoting environmental fleet management, including the Energy Saving Trust.

Our approach to Environmental Fleet Management training is based on the three key fundamentals

  • The Journey - The actual need for the journey and viable alternatives to road transport
  • The Vehicle - The vehicle's suitability for use and its environmental credentials
  • The Driver - The employees' driving ability/ skill and environmental awareness

Linking environmental savings to cost savings ensure strong corporate commitment to minimising the impact of the fleet on the environment, and this can be easily demonstrated through fuel savings and CO2 based taxation.

Stewart Whyte, our Managing Director is also a regular speaker at environmental conferences and seminars. We can provide services as an authoritative speaker and/or run environmental workshops at corporate conferences or similar events.

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