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Environmental Audits

The need to minimise the environmental impact of road transport is one of the biggest challenges facing Governments around the world.  The UK Government, in response to this need, has since 2000, based the majority of car and company car taxation systems on environmental criterion (mainly involving CO2), resulting in a direct cost penalty for fleet operators ignoring "green fleet policies".

Corporate Social Responsibility is just one powerful reason for looking at green fleet policies, but the cost of environmental inefficiency can be extremely high.

That is why much of our work is concerned with environmental aspects of transport and vehicle operation.  Making correct choices regarding vehicles, fuel type, engine technologies, route planning, efficiency monitoring and alternative methods of business operations, are all elements within the "green" fleet policy. 

Fleet Audits has specialist expertise in environmental fleet management and has been one of the Technical Consultants for the Energy Saving Trust for their "Green Fleet Reviews" and "Motorvate" programs.

Fleet Audits is able to carry out environmental audits and CO2 emissions analysis/ mapping to demonstrate the impact of the fleet on emissions levels, as well as setting targets and providing solutions for achieving the targets.

Our Managing Director, Stewart Whyte, writes regularly on fleet environmental matters for fleet publications, as well as regularly speaking at conferences on the subject of "green fleet management".


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