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Policy Reviews

A robust fleet policy is at the heart of every cost effective, efficient, low risk, fleet operation.  It provides the structure and procedures from which the fleet operates, outlining roles and responsibilities.  The policy needs to be dynamic and stand up to constant scrutiny from employees and the employer alike.

It should include elements as diverse as; employees eligibility to a company vehicle, levels of vehicle choice, methods of vehicle acquisition, maintenance procedures, Health and Safety, and driving licence checking.

Ensuring a robust fleet policy is in place will save significant time and expense should a dispute or problem arise.  In the case of disputes over Duty of Care and legal responsibilities a defensible policy can be the difference between corporate culpability and innocence.

Clear policies on driver licence checking, use of mobile phones and in-car equipment whilst driving are areas that need constant review as new legislation is introduced and enacted.

Fleet Audits can design and draft bespoke policy documentation and driver handbooks for any fleet operation, whether you operate a car, van, or a specialist vehicle fleet.



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